Apollo Massage
Healing.....one body at a time

As a professional athlete, Ive received massage all over the country. Tim is definitely one of the best. He knew what was needed for my sport...........Mary Anne F.

Im a college student and never had a massage, so I was scared about it. Tim made me feel very comfortable, and now Im hooked! .......Huan J.

When Tim was in Georgia, I received massage from him all the time, and recommended him to other soldiers at Fort Benning. He was great!......Sgt James P

I am an elderly woman, and I had a swollen knee and trouble walking for years. The doctor told me there was no hope, but he never met Tim. He got the swelling down, the pain went away, and Im back to normal, as normal as an 80 year old woman can be!.......Edith D

I am an avid runner and triathlete who suffered a pulled groin muscle.  Everyone was afraid to work on it, but Tim was professional and caring, and helped to relieve the pain.  David T

I am an Olympic shooter, and visited Tim at the spa in Georgia. He was incredible, and I went to him during my entire stay.....Janet G

Due to an broken elbow, I was not able to straighten my arm. Physical Therapy did nothing, and nerve tests showed that there was no nerve damage.  Tim knew what to do.  My arm is straight and doesn't hurt!.....Lisa L

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