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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Most of my work integrates many styles of massage.  Listed here are some basic styles that I practice.  

SWEDISH MASSAGE is the most widely recognized style of massage in the United States.  It involves long gliding strokes and kneading strokes to improve blood and lymph circulation.  It is very relaxing, and the pressure can range from light to deep.  Relax today!

DEEP TISSUE SCULPTING uses many of the same techniques as Swedish, but applied deeper and slower to thoroughly stretch muscles and alleviate restricted muscles.  Therapists work deeply into the muscle bellies and tendon attachments, as well as applying deep stretches.  Great work for those clients who want more pressure, but still relaxation!

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE is another form of deep work.  The style I practice is inspired by Rolfing, or Structural Integration. Myofascial Release is applied to the body with very little or no lubricant to best grip the muscle and break up adhesions.  The work is designed to free restricted muscles and fascia, connective tissue that surrounds and supports all of the structures of the body.  This is great rehabilitative work for chronic pain!

LYMPH DRAINAGE THERAPY is a feather light style of bodywork that only addresses the lymphatic vessels, and does not penetrate to the muscles. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to rid the body of metabolic and other wastes that accumulate in the body, often due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.  Lymph Drainage Therapy helps the lymphatic system work faster and more efficiently.  It's a great treatment for allergies and for healing after surgery, as well!  Because it is a tremendous detox, the first treatment or two are limited to 30minutes to avoid a system overload.

REFLEXOLOGY is based on Zone Therapy, where points on the feet and hands correspond to other parts of the body.  I focus on Foot Reflexology, using relaxation techniques and point work on the feet to address the entire body.  This is a detoxing, therapeutic, and relaxing treatment


Rates are $60 for 60 minutes or $85 for 90 minutes

$30/hr for students with current, valid ID...... hour only

*******Due to a recent theft of service and personal property,  students must pay prior to the session. *******

20% discount for current, active military with ID. ($48/hr, $68/90min)

Cash or credit accepted.  No tipping 

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